Space Marine Heroes Death Knell PB Novel (EN)

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The coastal Isle of St Capilene is haunted, and not only by the ghosts of the past. It has been conquered by the Crimson Slaughter, a renegade chapter of Space Marines, driven to butchery by the never ceasing echoes of their victims. While the toll of a daemonic bell from the archipelago?s cathedral offers the Heretic Astartes a measure of peace, it drives the mortal populace into madness and mutation.

Captain Thassarius of the Ultramarines - the noblest of all Humanity's superhuman brotherhoods, storms the island to slay these traitors and silence the daemonic bell forever. But when the initial assault leads to disaster, Sergeant Sevastus and his squad of hard-bitten Tactical Marines are sent to test their theory that stealth and precision can win out where speed and belligerence has failed. But Sevastus' squad numbers only ten, and ranged against them are not only hundreds of bloodthirsty heretics and mutants, but monsters from beyond reality itself...

Written by Phil Kelly

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Frage zum Produkt

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