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What you need for a hen party is spice. We are not talking black pepper here, though. That?s a box you are looking at, no ordinary box, we may add. For it contains matter that can produce a deep red colour on your best friend?s cheeks and guffaws all around the room. Matter in the form of questions, hilarious quiz questions in the form of embarrassing facts, silly anecdotes, life episodes, crazy stories and what not. Four hundred of them in each box. Questions that range from ? what is the most common day to have sex? How do you say Japan in Japanese? And so forth Enough to keep everybody occupied for the rest of the night. Use your imagination and turn this into a game with little naughty prizes for a suitably good humoured reply or harmless penalties for those who desist from responding. No bullying though. This is strictly for fun and games. Everyone should be able to participate without inhibition. And have a whale of a party!


Hersteller: Kylskapspoesi AB
Spieleranzahl: 2+ Spieler
Altersempfehlung: ab 12 Jahren
Spieldauer: 10 - 120 Minuten
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