Basic Role Playing: Enlightened Magic (ENGLISCH)

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The city trembled under the steady thunder of Turkish cannon. The walls wouldn't hold for much longer. The Sultan's troops would breach the the last defenses and the city would surely fall within the week. Lorenzo cursed to himself as he continued his preparations. His attempts to silence the guns had been blocked by the combined will of whatever foul sorcerers were aiding the invaders. It was time to leave his home and countrymen behind. He would need something powerful to allow him to slip through the siege lines unseen. He was confident he could escape the notice of the enemy soldiers. He was less certain he could mask himself from the others. With a deep breath he blocked out the explosions and cries of anguish calling upon the power of his nexus. A deep calm fell over him as he focused on the anthanor. Enter a world of subtle, vastly powerful magic that exists unseen in the modern day.
This is the world of ENLIGHTENED MAGIC, where sorcerers bend the laws of reality in ways that largely pass unnoticed, while alchemists distill magical substances that can perform wonders and create works of art that alter the minds of all who see them. The most powerful Enlightened magicians can alter the destiny of nations, step from one continent to another in a heartbeat, even reshape their own souls or those of others.
ENLIGHTENED MAGIC is a magic supplement for the classic "Basic Roleplaying" system. It is designed for use in urban fantasy settings, historical fantasy settings where the presence of flashy magic would seem out of place, and in fantasy worlds where magicians must use complex rituals to perform their most powerful magics.


  • Two complete magic systems, Enlightened Sorcery and Enlightened Alchemy, each with three circles of increasing power and more than one hundred spells and alchemical procedures.
  • Rules for creating and playing both Enlightened Sorcerers and Enlightened Alchemists as well as mystically enlightened Seers.
  • Rules for creating powerful enchanted items and for more fully roleplaying magical rituals and alchemical procedures.
  • Gamemaster advice and suggestions for using this magic system for fantasy and urban fantasy campaigns.


Verlag: Chaosium Inc.
Themengebiet: Basic Role Playing
Kategorien: Rollenspiel
Zusatzinfo: Quellenbuch
Sprache: Englisch
EAN: 9781568823713

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