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Pathfinder Pawns: Inner Sea Pawn Box (ENGLISCH)

Pathfinder Pawns: Inner Sea Pawn Box (ENGLISCH)

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River of Heroes (East Front) (FW210)

River of Heroes (East Front) (FW210)
  • River of Heroes (East Front) (FW210)
  • River of Heroes (East Front) (FW210)
  • River of Heroes (East Front) (FW210)

River of Heroes (East Front) (FW210)

Battlefront Miniatures

Art.Nr.: BFFW210

Ein Regelbuch in englischer Sprache für das Flames of War Tabletop Spiel

River Of Heroes follows Hammer and Sickle and focuses on the Soviet units carrying out the final phase of Operation Bagration, the final assaults across the Vistula River led by the tank spearheads racing towards Warsaw along with the specialised assault engineers and supporting self-propelled artillery regiments.

With the lead tank spearheads finally meeting stiff German opposition the advancing Soviet Armies made their final Operation Bagration assaults to secure bridgeheads over the Vistula River.

What Soviet forces are inside?

River Of Heroes introduces the specialised Soviet Assault Engineers along with Independent Self-propelled Artillery Regiments designed to attack, secure, and hold key bridgeheads needed to continue the advance towards Germany. 


Hitler has sent two of his most vaunted panzer divisions and a new wonder weapon to try and stop these offensive machines that the Soviets have constructed. The IV. SS-Panzerkorps consisting of 3. ‘Totenkopf’ SS-Panzerdivision and 5. ‘Wiking’ SS-Panzerdivision has been organized to halt the last spearhead of Operation Bagration. 

Symbole/Abzeichen die gegen deutsches Recht verstoßen, sind geschwärzt oder überklebt.
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